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Because of generous donations of history from Hilliard Ohio Historical Society supporters, we have a very extensive collection of historical items that tell the story of Hilliard and the decades of the past. You can help us build this treasured collection.

Support the important mission of the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society with a tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund. Your gift helps educate and inform thousands of school children, citizens, and travels about Hilliard’s story.

Membership means much more than free admission to our museum, historical village and research library. Members are part of a more than 50 year tradition of stewardship for our cities history. The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society offers membership programs to meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations.

People of all ages and backgrounds volunteer their time at the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society. Read about the volunteer opportunities.

Use your Kroger rewards card to donate money to the Society with every purchase. It is easy and does not take away from your reward points. Register for program #39662 on your rewards card.