About the Historical Society

The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society and Museum was incorporated November 11, 1966.  The society’s main objective was to create a historical village and museum which would preserve the early pioneer life of the community of Hilliard, Ohio and the northwest section of Franklin County.  The society was given a lease for part of Weaver Park on which to build a museum and establish a historical village. The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society is a non-profit, 501©(3) organization which relies heavily on private contributions to supplement public funds.  Through the generosity of individuals, local area businesses, grants and fund raising the society is able to maintain the upkeep and restoration of the numerous exhibits and buildings in the historical village.

Society’s Mission  – To connect people to the rich History of the Hilliard Ohio area by collecting, preserving and presenting historical artifacts, documents, collections to educate and inspire current and future generations.

More about the history of Hilliard and the surrounding area can be found at The Northwest History Express.

The founding trustees of the society were:
Bassel L. Johnson, President
Eldon M. Schatz, Vice President
Mildred Hart, Treasurer
Mary W. Miller, Secretary
Raymond K. Bradley
James D. Knick
Richard L. Kuhn
Delmar J. Kunz
Ruth E. Mast
Lester F. Porter

Current Society Officers
President – Tim Woodruff
Vice President – Kathy Chandler
Secretary – OPEN
Treasurer – Rodney Garnett


Current Board Members

3 Year Members
Robin Brenneman
Bob Eggerichs
Megan Martin

2 Year Members
Joanne Hensley
Stefanie Ledwith
Ed Olenhouse

1 Year Members
Bob Peterson
Shirley Russell
Darryl Walters