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Taking Photographs at the Historical Village

Professional/Commercial Photographers – The Historical Village is located on the Weaver Park which is owned by the city of Hilliard.  The Historical Buildings, Museum and Gazebo are private property owned by the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society.  The Society is a non-profit organization that maintains the buildings with donated funds and many hours of volunteer work.  The interior of the buildings can be used for commercial photography at a rate of $50/hour for each building.  Please contact the Society office to schedule an appointment to further discuss availability.  This will help maintain the facilities for your future use.

If your content will be licensed for commercial use, the image/clip is taken on private property, or is taken on public property but features distinctive private property, a property release is required.   Thank you.

Non-Professional Photographers – Please feel free to use the park and exterior of the buildings to take pictures of your family and friends.  There is no fee for non-commercial use of the buildings.

Historical Village Buildings Property Release for Professional/Commercial Photographers/Videographers

The Historical Buildings in the Weaver Park Historical Village are private property owned by the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society.  If you are taking pictures or videos and there is an exchange of money for advertising, images files, prints or a photographer/videographer time (senior photos, family portraits, commercial advertising, advertising posters, etc) you are required to obtain a Property Release from the Society prior to photographing/videoing the buildings or using the buildings as a backdrop.

There is an annual $75.00 fee for obtaining a Property Release.  This fee is good for the current calendar year (January 1 – December 31) that the Property Release is authorized and is renewable each year upon request.  You will receive a Property Release authorization card to validate your permission to utilize the Historical Village Buildings for commercial photography/videography.

After you receive notification that your business has received authorization to utilize the Weaver Park Historical Village Buildings for commercial photography/videography, the $75.00 fee can be made out to “Hilliard Ohio Historical Society” and mailed to:

Hilliard Ohio Historical Society, Attn: Photography, 5274 Norwich St, Hilliard, OH 43026

Thank you for your understanding our commitment to maintaining the Historical Village for future generations.

Photographers that have obtained a Property Release and are authorized to utilize the historical village for professional/commercial photography.

Property Release Authorization Request

Request for Property Release authorization information

Please include the following information in your message:

Full Name
Business Name
Business Address/Phone Number/Email
Business Description
Reason for a Property Release
How will the images/video be used