Photography Contest


The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society is having a photo contest. This is a chance to show off your photography skills and celebrate the Historical Society events and Historical Village.  The top 3 finalists (from each season) will have their photographs featured on the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society’s website and displayed in the historical village museum, library and various other locations around Hilliard.  Contents of this page can be downloaded HERE.

The photo contest is sponsored and organized by the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society.

The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society photography contest is open to the public.  There is no age limit; however submissions by minors under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian to submit the photo on their behalf.  The contest is open to amateur and professional photographers.

Entries for the contest are welcome from October 1 – December 31, January 1 – March 31, April 1 – June 30 and July 1 – September 30.  Entries submitted after the deadline will not be eligible.  Photos must be taken during the contest time period in which the photo is being entered.

This photo contest will be conducted seasonally: October-December, January-March, April-June and July-September.  Three winning photos will be selected for each seasonal photo contest.  At the end of the year the top 12 photos will be displayed at the annual membership dinner, and the society members attending the dinner will select the top 3 photos of the year.

The Society holds several events a year such as Heritage Day, Santa in the Caboose and is open many other times during the year.  The historical village buildings and museum offer many photographic opportunities.  The Historical Society works to preserve the historical village buildings and museum to provide a valuable connection to our cities rich past.  Your photo should capture and represent the importance and value of the Society through the historical village, museum and events.

– Open to Amateur and Professional photographers!
– All Images Remain Property of the Photographer
– Enter in one of three categories (per photograph, not per photographer.  In other words, you may submit some images under Professional category and others under the Photograhic Art category).

1) Photographic Art (Professional or Amateur):
* Photograph is shot and / or processed in HDR.
* Photograph is heavily modified in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. [more than just minor edits, color
corrections and straightening].
* Photograph has had filters applied from Instagram, etc.
* Infrared photographs, 360-degree photos, panoramic photos, etc.

2) Professional: (If any one of these describe you and the image is not classified as Photographic Art)
* Ever sold a photograph.
* Ever had a photograph published in a magazine or newspaper.
* Ever been paid to take photographs for an event or person.
* Have previously won a photo contest.

3) Amateur:
* If none of the Professional categories describe you (or your photo).
* If this specific photo does not fit the description of Photographic Art.

– No cost to enter.
– Photos must be taken between the contest dates.
– Photos must be submitted by midnight of the last day.
– Open to all ages and all countries.  Participants aged under 18 must have a parent or guardian submit their photograph(s) on their behalf.
– Each participant may submit a maximum of five (5) photographs submitted individually. (Submit each file at the highest resolution that you can.)  Each photographer can only win one time in one category, as determined by the judges.
– All photographs must be the original artwork of, and must be the sole property of, the submitter.
– Photographs must not contain any watermarks, signatures or other insignia identifying the photographer.
– Judges will be looking for high quality photographs that capture the historical village and events at its finest.
– Judges reserve the right to move photographs to other categories if they feel that category is more appropriate for a particular image.
– All decisions by judges will be final.
– Any photograph that contains nudity, violence, obscenity, profanity, hate speech, pornography or anything considered by the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society to be offensive in nature will be rejected. Hilliard Ohio Historical Society reserves the right to reject any entry without cause.
– All photographs must be submitted electronically.
– Hilliard Ohio Historical Society is not responsible for mis-delivered or lost photographs.
– All photographs remain property of photographer.  Hilliard Ohio Historical Society reserves the right to use photographs in connection with this contest, for educational purposes, and in Hilliard Ohio Historical Society marketing, without payment and in perpetuity around the world.  Hilliard Ohio Historical Society agrees not sell your photograph as artwork or as part of any item.
– Hilliard Ohio Historical Society reserves the right to modify the terms of this contest at any time, and without notice.

* Copy and Paste all of the text in the “ENTRY FORM AND INSTRUCTIONS” form at the bottom of this page into an email.  Do not send as a Word document.  Follow all instructions listed below.
* Each category will have a first place winner for each season, and a first, second and third place winner for the year.

– Judging will be completed within one month of the close of the contest.
– Judges will be looking for high quality photographs that show the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society and village at its finest, with an emphasis on unique perspectives.

Take advantage of the events that occur in the historical village to create your vision.  See the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society website ( for event dates and times the village buildings are open.  The Hilliard’s Historical Weaver Park is open all day, everyday.

Contact Darryl Walters at if you have any questions.


1) Copy all of the text in this form and paste this form into an email.  Do not submit as Word document.
2) Fill out the blanks below in your email.
3) Title the email “Photo Contest Entry”
3) Attach one photograph per email, in the highest resolution you have it.
4) Send email to:

Photographer’s name: _____________________________________________

Your telephone number : ___ (        )__________________________________

Mailing address 1: ________________________________________________

Mailing address 2: ________________________________________________

City – State – Zip – Country: _________________________________________

Category of EACH Photograph: (choose one, see description in contest rules)

__ Photographic Art (see desription above)
__ Professional  (see desription above)
__ Amateur

If you are submitting the photo on behalf of someone under the age of 18, your name is: ________________

IMPORTANT: How did you learn about our photography contest?:

__ Website  __ Friend  ___ FaceBook  ___ Staff member  Other _____________________

Title of Photograph: _________________________________________  (example: “Church in the Snow”)

Name of Photograph file: __________________  (example: IMG0123.JPG)

Tell us a little about you and your photo:

I am _________________ living in _____________________ and I enjoy_________________________.

I submitted this photograph because, to me, it captures or symbolizes ____________________________.

What do you find unique about your photo?
What were you trying to capture?
Anything unique about your visit to Historical Village?

Type an “X” in this blank: _____ to tell us that you agree to all contest rules as posted.

* Include 1 photograph in each email.  You may submit multiple emails if you have more than one photo to submit!

– See more at: